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McJunk is a photographic project by lecturer, graphic designer and photographer Nigel Ball.

McJunk started life in 2001 as a documentary response to the proliferation of McDonald's litter seen in both urban and rural areas. As the project developed, its author came to see it as a visual investigation into the relationship between graphic design and disposable culture. In this context, McJunk is presented as a contribution to the wider debate about graphic design practice and its societal responsibilities.

McJunk first saw the light of day in 2002 as part of a collaborative postcard project and in 2004 McJunk Polaroids were exhibited on a gallery floor. Since 2008 McJunk has been uploaded to an ongoing Flickr set, and in 2011 it was published as a hardback photobook with accompanying essay.

Since 2012 McJunk has been on a semi-hiatus.

All work © 2016 Nigel Ball